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The melting pot of Voice

The PEVOC is an interdisciplinary conference for voice professionals to exchange knowledge about the human voice. PEVOC takes place in different European cities every two years. (From PEVOC website)

In 2001 I signed up for a congress, never imagining how much it would change my life: PEVOC 4, Pan European Voice Conference, Stockholm.

The idea, as you can read yourself on the site, came in 1995 to Johan Sundberg and Gunnar Rugheimer: to create a forum, an exchange of information and knowledge, between pedagogues, artists, doctors, scientists and others who deal with voice. It is not the congress of this or that Society and this guarantees a good level of freedom of access. It is a sort of work in progress traveling from one European city to another, every two years. Everyone brings their own research, news, proposals, just like in a forum: it happened to me over and over again to see Johan Sundberg take a notebook and pencil from his pocket and jot down notes of what he was listening to, or Ingo Titze or Jan Svec waiting in line calmly to be able to ask their question to this or that Speaker. You get to PEVOC to get involved, but be better prepared: I will certainly have in front of you those who have devised the theories and the fundamental tools for research and the treatment of the voice in the last sixty years, but they will be there to listen, to discuss , not to judge.

Characteristic of the PEVOC? Everyone listens to what they "don't know", what they don't care about. Participants are engineers and students - singing, medicine, linguistics ... -, teachers and sound surgeons, physiologists and producers ... Because interdisciplinarity is the law here. The congress that I recommend to anyone involved in the voice, for any reason.

Wherever do you get a Shakespearean theater masterclass on Ophelia's madness at the Royal Academy of Music (PEVOC London) that also puts questions to doctors? Or your Star Trek 3D chessboard poster on voice prevention will be accepted (PEVOC Stockholm)? Or the President of the Conference and the major Speakers become a jazz band that greets everyone in the atrium at the end of the work (PEVOC Groningen)? I realize that since 2001 I have only lost the one in Graz in 2003. And soon it will be Tallinn's turn.

PEVOC 14: should have been in 2021, but the pandemic prevailed and a sort of prequel was held, online, on 21 August 21.

What did PEVOC give me? First of all people, the opportunity to get in confidence with many and become friends with some of the major international experts: Rubin, Hess, Sundberg, Titze, Miller, Verdolini, Epstein, Hillman, Echternach, Richter & Spahn, Svec, Borragan, Denizoglu, Niebudek-Bogusz, Moerman, Dejonckere, Genheid, Schlomicher Tier, Popeil, Lovetri, Howard, Laukannen, Vilkman, Sala, Shivo, Mürbe, Herbst, Lã, Vurma, Amir and how many others. An example for everyone? Meet with Montserrat Bonet y Gaudì in Stockholm, where “we were the only two from South Europe, as she said” introduced me next to Eduardo Rios and a “Catalan” part of my life began that I would never imagine.

Then the scientific news: I saw videokymography in the words of Svec, dosimetry from Titze and Jan (again Svec), discussed voice ergonomics with Finns and Swedes, participated in almost all the workshops on VoceVista, first by Don Miller and now by Christian Herbst and Bodo Mass, listened to Kittie (Verdolini) draw the lines for the publications in speech therapy and voice to respect the Cochrane or start the LMRVT, Ilter (Denizoglu) supporting Marketta Shivo in their workshops on the LaxVox and then elaborate his path of various devices from the PocketVox that better reflected his studies, which he would have completed with a third degree in biophysics, with the conception of the valve in devices, so useful for example in post-Covid.

And now Ilter is organizing the next congress of the European Union of Phoniatricians, in spring 2023 in Antalya, which already foresees a hundred speakers from all over the world, especially from those nations that are now extremely advanced in our scientific sector, but which unfortunately we do not know. always as we should.

And about me? In Tallinn I will bring two presentations, in the science session and in that of the Collegium Medicorum Theatri, I will be present in two round tables on the multidimensional approach to singing voice therapy and on phonosurgery - "precisely because I am not a phonosurgeon" as he wrote to me Dirk Mürbe inviting me -, I will be moderator in another session ...

We will talk about these issues in a future post. Soon back with last news from the melting pot.

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