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Orietta Calcinoni

ENT and Phoniatrician MD

- Milan

Orietta Calcinoni

As a doctor I grew up in clinic, in problems’ history and search for signs and symptoms.


Becoming a Phoniatrician first and an Otolaryngologist later gave me the opportunity to deal with some of the most beautiful functions of the human being: not only voice and hearing, but balance, smell, taste, articulation, chewing, swallowing in their common aspects and in the specific aspects of some professions.


This commits to a continuous interdisciplinary updating, in collaboration with national and international colleagues, from medical and non medical sciences.

Orietta Calcinoni

Professional Voice

The voice of a Professional, artistic or otherwise, is not just his chords, but the whole Professional. And that must be also evaluated and considered.

Wind Instruments

The control of the vocal tract in the wind instrumentalist is as important as auditory control

Hearing and profession

Knowing the state of health of your auditory organ and your "threshold" for listening to sounds is a basic point for speaking, singing, playing, teaching, selling, talking, treating, caring for, ... 

Smell and taste

In these two years, like never before, these two essential senses, yet generally little considered and even less valued, have come to the fore. 

Occupational and Legal Medicine

You become a doctor not to treat people, but to know the risks that can lead to illnesses / injuries and to help people prevent them. 

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Teatro alla Scala

The Teatro alla Scala is one of the major opera houses in Italy and in the world. In its complexity, the Theater provides for almost all the needs for the productions to be staged and, since the early 1980s, it has equipped itself with an internal health system

Milan Conservatory of Music

The “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory of Music in Milan, is a high school of musical studies, offers a wide range of musical training which covers the various levels of artistic education, up to the highest levels of professionalism and specialization.


The GCCR is a group of 600 scientists, doctors, and patient representatives from over 50 countries, founded on March 24, 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Italian Association of Private Otolaryngologists (AIOLP) is a non-profit organization founded on May 18, 1989.

AIOLP member since 1992, from 1 January 2022 I became President, for the period 2022-2025.

Image by Miguel Henriques

The expert man is the one who knows where to go to look for information in the only moment of his life when he needs it.

- U. Eco

from "If all knowledge is a playful journey", Stefano Bartezzaghi in conversation with Umberto Eco, Repubblica, 1/09/2003

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