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Conservatory of Music “G. Verdi” Milan 

The “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory of Milan, a high school of musical studies, offers a wide range of musical training which covers the various levels of artistic education, up to the highest levels of professionalism and specialization.


The activities

I currently collaborate with two Conservatory projects

Making Music and WellBeing: annual cycle of meetings, organized by M ° Alfonso Chielli, and addressed to aspects of health and prevention, only apparently collateral in an artistic career. In the project, I have been collaborating since 2018 with the theme "Prevention of the voice and listening in the musician”


Born in 2018 from a meeting with M° Edoardo Cazzaniga, the "Science and Art of the Voice" project started in 2020 and will end in the first half of 2022.

As stated in the proposal for the project "The Library of the G. Verdi Conservatory in Milan has a rich and extensive catalog that includes some texts written jointly by Doctors and Singing Teachers or edited by one and / or the other in relation and critical analysis of the knowledge and practices of the time. Many of these texts, albeit relatively recent, document a custom for eminent experts of the Medical Class and in particular of Laryngology and Phoniatrics to collaborate with the teachers of the Conservatory and with Singers or Singing Teachers. Memory of many of these collaborations has been lost, but the Library has preserved evidence of those experiences. Some volumes are among the very few available in Italy, others are cited as a reference for authors of subsequent treatises that have had greater circulation. The conditions of some texts are extremely fragile and their digitization seems indispensable. The project proposes to: a) identify these texts in the catalog as a whole, b) proceed with the digitization of the most fragile ones - or rather the entire list -, so as to c) allow them to be used not only by teachers and students of the Conservatory but also to external, national and international researchers; d) at the same time retrace the interdisciplinary observations to e) critically analyze their relevance and f) check for any "incorrect" traditions and translations. "

Developed for webinars and videos, almost all of which can be found on the page Fb Conservatorio Musica Verdi Milano - Research, this phase of the project will end with an event on April 22, related to the World Day of Voice 2022 and the publication of a book.

A possible continuation for a further two years is under study.

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