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Orietta Calcinoni

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Professional Voice

If it is true that a structure has basic conditions that predispose "more or less" to a function, a complex gesture is affected by more and more factors, which can act as corrective or amplifying.

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Wind instruments

Wind instruments were included in the group of aerophones by the Sachs-Hornbostel classification , published for the first time in volume 46 of the Zeitschrift für Ethnologie, in 1914. 

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Hearing and Profession

Knowing the state of health of your auditory organ and your "threshold" for listening to sounds is a basic point for speaking, singing, playing, teaching, selling, talking, treating, caring for, ...

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Balance disorders

The evaluation in an alteration of the balance requires, with few exceptions, a precise and detailed anamnesis - clinical history - to orient the evaluation on one or more districts involved and to indicate the therapies and rehabilitations most suitable at that moment.

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Smell and Taste

Never before in these two years have these two essential senses come to the fore, yet generally little considered and even less valued. 

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Feeding gives us energy, gives substances that can replace our tissues and follow our mutations with age, but it also has important hedonistic and social aspects. 

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Smell and Taste

You become a doctor not to treat people, but to know the risks that can lead to illnesses / injuries and to help people prevent them. 

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