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Teatro alla Scala

The Teatro alla Scala is one of the major opera houses in Italy and in the world. In its complexity, the Theater provides for almost all the needs for the productions to be staged and, since the early 1980s, it has equipped itself with an internal health system, which includes Occupational Physician, now Health Manager-Competent Doctor, Physiatrist and Physiotherapists, Orthopedist and Physiotherapists and Otolaryngologist / Phonologist. This service, almost unique in Italy, is associated with the service of the Doctors of the Theater, present during the activities with the public.

La Scala

The activities

Since 1987 I have had the good fortune to work alongside the then Consultant in the Health System with which the Theater had been equipped since the Eighties.


Since 2009, with the adaptation of the Health System of the Theater to the regulations ex 81/2008, I am ENT and Phonologist for the Theater, dealing primarily with the Artists of the Choir, the Orchestra in terms of auditory function and more particularly the Wind section. also with regard to the vocal tract, in addition to the possible needs of Soloists.


An opportunity for confrontation with high-level professionals that allowed me and allows investigative projects, not least on the subject of COVID-19 and Artists.

Orietta Calcinoni
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