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Collegium Medicorum Theatri 


The Collegium Medicorum Theatri is composed of voice professionals from different cities of the world, connected with major theaters, operas, or conservatories. The organization seeks to encourage scientific investigation, further clinical studies, exchange knowledge and ideas and develop educational activities in the field of professional voice care medicine.

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The activities

I am a Fellow - Elected Member of CoMeT since 2011, presented by John Rubin and Philippe Dejonckere, although I have been following the activities of the College since the mid-2000s. In 2016 I had the honor of organizing the Annual Congress in Milan: Comet2016Milan / 08 / collegium-medicorum-theatri-2016-in-milan / I have also presented my work several times in COMET panels and webinars

COMET foto di gruppo
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