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Orietta Calcinoni

ENT and Phoniatrician MD

As a doctor I grew up in clinic, in problems’ history and search for signs and symptoms.


Becoming a Phoniatrician first and an Otolaryngologist later gave me the opportunity to deal with some of the most beautiful functions of the human being: not only voice and hearing, but balance, smell, taste, articulation, chewing, swallowing in their common aspects and in the specific aspects of some professions.


This commits to a continuous interdisciplinary updating, in collaboration with national and international colleagues, from medical and non medical sciences.

Orietta Calcinoni


Born in Milan, where she lives and works, specialist in Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Diseases and in Speech Medicine, she deals with the prevention and evaluation of ENT and phoniatric dysfunctions: hearing, vestibular, smell and taste losses and voice disorders. Mainly interested in the professional voice, both for the development of new assessment tools and for the planning of the prevention of voice diseases and for professional voice surveillance, also for the control of biological risks. She also deals with Occupational Medicine and medical-legal insurance appraisals.


Since 1987 have been working with the Teatro alla Scala where you, since 2009 you have been Head of the ENT Service, which since 2018 has become a specialist ENT / Phoniatrician assignment, finally introducing the title of Phoniatrician in the Theater. From 1990 to 2015 ENT in INAIL (National Institute for Insurance against Work Accidents and Professional Illnesses-Lombardy Regional Direction). In the team that produced the National Guidelines on Noise Protection in the Entertainment Sector in 2012. On 3 August 2017 co-founder with Valentina Carlile (DO) of the Voice & Music Professionals Care Team (VMPCT), a site for clinical research and collaboration between experts and to train younger colleagues. Part of the team that created the "Herbs for Voice" database (Dataverse file name "Herbs_for_Voice_ database_public_version_20190503”, published on the Dataverse - Harvard University project) From 16 April 2020 she became a member of the Global Consortium for Chemosensory Research (GCCR) aimed at collecting studies on 'smell & taste losses in the COVID-19 pandemic, and part of the team of 4 translators of the GCCR questionnaire and the GCCR self-control home test in Italian. Lecturer and speaker in numerous national and international courses and conferences. Associated member of groups and associations in Italy and Europe, (AAO-HNS, UEP, COMET, PAMA, IVTOM, BVA, AIOLP, SIFEL, SIAF, GLO, RIOSARCAS ASSOCIATS, ...), since 2021 member of the UEP Voice Committee, since 2022 President of the Italian Association of Private Professionals ENT -AIOLP- and member of the Committee for the Safeguarding of the Art of Italian Lyric Singing. Her private practice is at the Turati Medical Center in Milan.

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