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UEP 2023 - Antalya Phoniatrics Congress, 30th UEP Congress

Orietta Calcinoni UEP 2023

"Meet Dr Calcinoni … She is a confirmed faculty in UEP 2023….


lives and works in Milan, ENT HNS and Phoniatrician, mostly dealing with prevention and evaluation of ENT and phoniatric dysfunctions: hearing, vestibular, smell and taste losses and voice disorders. Mainly interested in assessment of new tools and planning of the prevention and surveillance protocols, also from biological risks. Experiences : Since 1987 in Teatro alla Scala, since 2009 in charge of the ENT Service, since 2018 assigned ENT / Phoniatrician specialist. 1990 to 2015 ENT in INAIL. In 2012 National Guidelines on Noise Protection in the Entertainment Sector . 3 August 2017 co-founder with Valentina Carlile (DO) of Voice & Music Professionals Care Team (VMPCT). 2018 "Herbs for Voice" database (Dataverse file name "Herbs_for_Voice_ database_public_version_20190503”,Dataverse - Harvard University project) From 16 April 2020 member of the Global Consortium for Chemosensory Research (GCCR) studying smell & taste losses in COVID-19 pandemic. Lecturer and speaker in numerous national and international courses and conferences. Associated member of AAO-HNS, UEP, COMET, PAMA, IVTOM, AIOLP, SIFEL, SIAF, GLO..., 2021 member of the UEP Voice Committee, 2022 President of the Italian Association of Private Professionals ENT -AIOLP- and member of the Committee for the Safeguarding of the Art of Italian Lyric Singing."

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